Work Place Injuries

Do you have a work-related or job-related claim? Dennis Herron & Associates help people get all they deserve from their workers’ compensation insurance. In most states, any industrial, construction, or other work-related injuries that occurs while a worker is on the job should be handled as workers’ compensation claims. Although in most cases you can not sue your employer for negligence, there may be a third party that you can pursue such as the maker of faulty machinery or the owner of property.

Many types of injuries can happen in the work place, those include accidents (slips and falls) or repetitive trauma (leading to carpal tunnel syndrome). There are also claims of injuries from occupational exposure (fumes or irritants). Workers’ compensation laws vary, so it is important to speak with us about your specific workers’ compensation insurance claim. You have the right to claim workers’ compensation benefits, just as they have the right to other benefits like health insurance or unemployment. If you are injured at work, you should immediately seek medical treatment and advise your doctor that you were injured on the job.